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  • Flat rate pricing, no hidden fees
  • Desktop and Laptop PC repair service
  • Flat Rate Virus Removal Phoenix, AZ
  • Security / Antivirus software available
  • Rootkits, boot viruses, spyware, adware,
    pop ups, email spammers all gone!
If you combine the Virus and Spyware Cleanup service with my basic
computer tune up service, you'll get a nice discount on the tune up.  Usually
if you need a Virus cleanup, you need a tune up as well, so I discount the
tune up for a package deal! Call 623-330-2765 for pricing and availability for
computer repair in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Glendale AZ.

Get a discount when
combining the Virus removal
and tune up services.  Flat
rate pricing, Antivirus
software available for
The computer virus removal Phoenix and repair
service I only offer by drop off service in
Phoenix AZ, due to the time it can take to fully
remove a virus and all of the spyware and
registry changes that can come along with it.  i
will remove all infections, worms, viruses,
trojans, spyware, malware, rootkits or whatever
else is slowing down your computer.  
Many computer repair shops will offer same day, or even an hour or so turnaround with virus removal.  I can NOT do this in
good conscience.  There is no way to feel confident that any computer is free of viruses and spyware with only an hour or so
at the computer.  First off, I image every computer that comes in the door, to make sure I never lose your data. This procedure
can take an hour to a few hours, and I image every computer I work on.  This means, you don't lose data, and for me, if a virus
removal technique causes more damage than good, I can start over again with no loss to you the customer.  Secondly, no
one antivirus scanner will detect all infections.  For this reason, I scan you computer over night with dozens of scanners and
use many manual removal techniques as well.  This is the proper way to fully clean a computer of viruses and spyware.

Computer virus removal is my specialty, so I take pride in removing viruses and only reinstalling windows
when totally needed.  Due to damage caused to the windows registry and files, there are times when after
the viruses are removed that we will need to repair or reinstall windows to get it working correctly again.  If
this is needed, which we will know once the computer is clean of infections, we will repair or reinstall
windows to get your desktop or laptop computer repaired and up running again.  Your choice for computer
and laptop virus removal Phoenix and Glendale AZ area!
You may think your home computer is secure and free of viruses and spyware, but most computers we see today have
hundreds of pieces of spyware and usually a virus or two.  In this service we will help you install an anti virus program as well
as a firewall and spyware program to help keep you safe in the future.  We will also help show you how to keep these
programs up to date.  After all, they are only as good as their latest updates.  An out of date security program is useless
against the ever changing spyware and anti virus threat.  Be watchful of homepage and search engine changes, this is
commonly a spyware infection.
See my list of
rogue or fake antivirus software and unsafe search engines that masquerade as a legit antivirus product, but in
fact, they are the virus itself and will ask for money to activate.  Do not activate them, this will not fix your computer!
Combine our Virus removal Phoenix service with our
basic tune up and optimization package on the same computer for one
low discounted price!
security tool rogue antivirus removal
*Virus removal and tune up must per performed
on the same computer to get the discount pricing.
Where to find laptop and desktop
computer virus removal:
Compudoc Computer Repair
3937 W Sahuaro Dr
Phoenix Az. 85029
I remove spyware, viruses, malware, rootkits, Internet redirects, email infections, adware, popups,
trojans, and any other security problems.  I specialize in removing the tough infections and only
reinstalling Windows when it is absolutely needed.  
100% satisfaction compudoc computer repair phoenix az
system fix rogue virus
no rogue antivirus
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Desktop and Laptop Computer Virus Removal Phoenix AZ

fbi virus removal phoenix arizona az homeland security virus removal
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no rogue antivirus
fbi virus removal phoenix arizona az homeland security virus removal
no rogue antivirus
Check your computers list of installed programs in
the control panel in either "add/remove programs"
or "programs and features" if you have software
from either of the above lists, your computer is
List of known Fake or rogue antivirus security software
to avoid

List of known
unsafe search engines to avoid
My Virus removal Phoenix service is normally a next day turnaround.  Beware of
shops offering same day or quicker virus removal.  I don't offer this fast of a removal
because in the majority of cases, it can't be done!  You CANNOT fully scan a
computer in a matter of hours.  No one virus scanner will find every infection on a
computer.  You can scan a computer with 5 virus scanners and come up clean, while
the 6th scanner could find infections the others missed.  I make sure to scan your
system with a variety of the best antivirus software as well as manual removal

Any good technician can kill popups and obvious viruses in minutes, but I keep your
computer for additional scanning overnight to further guarantee your computer is
totally virus and spyware clean.  The average computer has 100's of infections, would
you want to pay to only remove the obvious ones?  NO!  Call us and remove them all!  
I can show you how to stay clean too!
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