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Turn off that computer, it will last longer and
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One question that we still hear a lot from many customers is whether or not they
should leave their computers on all of the time?  We still hear a lot of customers saying
that they've been told to leave their computer on all the time, that it is better for the
computer to remain on all of the time.  Will turning your computer on and off cause
damage to the computer? Will turning your computer off lengthen the life of your
computer and help out with your power bill?

It is my opinion that if you're not using your computer, then it should be turned off. The
only reason I can think of that you should leave your computer running is if you need
to be able to access it very quickly throughout the day, and you cannot wait for a full
boot up cycle. There are many reasons why I believe the computer should be turned
off while not in use.

First off, and although it is very rare, a computer can catch fire while running. I don't
want to scare you by telling you that, but it is very rare. A computer that is turned off is
nowhere near the fire hazard of a running computer. Computers naturally build up heat
while they are turned on. Not only is heat one of the main causes for where on the
computer, but a computer can quickly heat up to the point of being a fire hazard if a fan
or heat sink is not working correctly, or if you experience a short or other wiring

Another issue with leaving your computer on all the time is that it is drawing power and
raising your power bill. Computers, especially the monitors draw a lot energy while
they run. If you need your computer to be on for extended times, set the monitor to
shut off when not in use in your computer's power settings. In the power settings you
also see the options for the computer to sleep when not in use, to turn off the hard
drive when not in use, and many other options. Although putting the computer to sleep
and turning off the computer's hard drive as well as the computer monitor will cut down
on power use, the computer is still drawing power, and you are not using it, which in
the end is a waste of power.  

Computer parts do wear out when the computer is running. The computer power
supply commonly fails when computers are left on all the time. Either the power supply
fails from being on all the time, or the fan that cools the power supply will fail from
being on too long, causing the power supply to heat up and fail. Your processor, video
card, and sometimes motherboard all may have fans that can fail when left on too long
as well. Your hard drive is also full of moving parts, and hard drive lifespan can be tied
to hours of use.

In conclusion, do not rely on sleep mode for your computer when not in use, turn the
computer off. Not only will your computer last longer, but the environment will thank
you for it!
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