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Are free antivirus clients going to protect
your computer from a virus infection?
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Viruses and spyware are becoming more and more prevalent on today's PC
computers.  It used to be that you would have to go to some kind of unsafe website, a
porn website, or and illegal download site to get affected with a virus.  Now the people
writing viruses know that to get your computer affected they need to go where
everyone else is going.  You're just as likely to get a virus on Facebook or in your
e-mail as you are from a porn site.  Using a good up-to-date antivirus software is your
best defense against a virus, and lately there are lots of offerings for free antivirus
programs.  Are these free antivirus clients going to protect your computer against a
virus infection?

The short answer is no, we do not recommend using free antivirus software, unless
you cannot afford a paid antivirus solution.  Not only are spyware and viruses
becoming more common, but we are seeing more rootkit infections.  Rootkits are
viruses that are adept at hiding from antivirus software, and many times they can only
be removed from outside of Windows, meaning that you have to slave the drive to
another computer or use a boot disc to try to remove the rootkit.  Free antivirus
software really has no rootkit protection, and is also lacking in virus and spyware
protection.  Many of the computers that we see in daily for virus removal service either
have no antivirus, free antivirus, or Norton or McAfee antivirus software.

Paid antivirus is really the way to go.  With paid antivirus you get real-time protection.  
Real-time protection will try to stop the infection before it gets into your computer, with
most free antivirus software, if it offers real-time protection it is not very robust.  The
problem here is your antivirus doesn't see the infection until it gets in, and then it is
usually too late.  Not all paid antivirus programs are the same.  As I noted above,
Norton and McAfee are probably the two worst antivirus software programs you can
use, even worse than free antivirus in most cases.  The hackers that are writing the
viruses know that most computers come with a trial of Norton or McAfee, so they test
their virus against these antivirus products first to make sure that their virus will get
past Norton or McAfee without getting noticed.  Currently, the only antivirus software
product that we recommend is Kaspersky Internet security, it has been amazing and
are testing and usage.  We sell and install
Kaspersky Internet security if you need
antivirus protection in the Phoenix and Glendale Arizona area.  We can also help you
out with
virus removal in Phoenix Arizona and Glendale Arizona.
Compudoc, your choice for computer repair in
Phoenix, Scottsdale and Glendale Arizona!!
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