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fbi moneypak virus fake warning
There is a new rogue security virus going around that has been showing up a lot
in the shop lately for our virus will service.  It is known as the FBI MoneyPak
virus.  This virus is like many other rogue security viruses that have been going
around the last year or so.  Once your computer is infected, you will see a
warning claiming to be from the FBI. You will then be warned that child porn and
other illegal activity has been noticed by the FBI on your computer and your
Internet address.

In some cases the FBI pop up warning well even turn on your WebCam and tell
you that it is recording! The virus warning will then ask you to pay a fine to gain
access to your computer again.  DO NOT pay any fine or subscribe to any
software from a random pop up like this on your computer.

There are a few different methods that this virus uses to get into your computer.
The methods are the same that most other rogue security viruses are using.  
e-mail or file attachments, clicking on a link or video on a compromised website,
and clicking on unsafe advertisements.

This virus, like many other rogue security viruses, may contain a rootkit infection
as well, which can be difficult to remove. We have already cleaned up many of
these viruses in the Phoenix Arizona area.  If you are infected with this virus, we
can help!!
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