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We all want our desktop or laptop computer to last as long as possible.  One of the
biggest killers for desktop and laptop computers is heat.  The biggest contributing
factor to your computer overheating aside from system fans going bad is the buildup
of dust.  Living and working in Arizona, makes keeping dust at bay a tough task.  
Almost every computer that we see in our shop has excessive amounts of dust in
the computer causing it to run above normal operating temperatures.  Today I want
to discuss some tips on how to keep your laptop or desktop computer clean and
running up to par.

Dust is the most important factor that you need to control around your computer.  
Desktop computers are little less susceptible to overheating due to the fact that they
have multiple fans in the case, and that the case is fairly wide open with ample
space in between computer components.  This open space allows the computer to
run cooler.  Laptop computers are compact and have only one system fan, causing
to run hot, and shortening the lifespan.  Overheating and impacts are the main
reason laptops have such a shorter lifespan than desktop computers.

Blowing out a desktop computer is fairly easy.  You'll remove the side of the case of
the computer first.  Some computer cases have a button or lever to press to free the
side of the case, but the more common computer cases have screws on the back of
the computer, usually on the right side, that you will have to remove in order to open
up the case.  Once you have the side of the desktop computer case off you now
have access to all of the parts inside.  You'll want to use a can of compressed air
and blow out the dust inside of the case.  Blowing air directly into the fans can
cause the fans to spin to quickly and to ruin the fan.  You will want to use a pen or
other object to lodge into the fan to keep the blades from spinning while you blow it
out.  With desktop power supplies, many times you cannot fit an object inside to
hold the fan, in this case blowout the power supply from both the front and the back
of the power supply in short quick bursts, taking caution not to spin up the fan too
much.  You also want to make sure that if your desktop computer has a video card
that you will want to blowout the cooling blades and or fan on it as well.  Once you
have finished blowing out the inside of the computer, you can put aside back onto
the case and begin using computer again.

With laptop computers, cleaning out the dust from the inside is not recommended
for novice users.  You can blow compressed air into the fan underneath the laptop
to keep the fan clean.  The issue that arises here is that the fan is blowing air
through a series of cooling blades, and these blades eventually get plugged up.  
The fan continues to spend but the air is not pushing through the cooling blades so
the laptop will still overheat even if the fan is running.  If your laptop is overheating,
we recommend you take it in to a computer repair shop so that they can
disassemble the laptop and clean it out properly.  Sometimes, the tech will even
have to redo the thermal paste on the processor as well.  I would recommend to
have this done if the computer is apart for cleaning.

The only other computer parts that we recommend cleaning on our the keyboard
and mouse, and the computer screen.  With the keyboard and mouse, we
recommend using compressed air to blow out under the keys.  We then recommend
a cleaner like Lysol to disinfect the keyboard and mouse.  As far as cleaning your
computer screen, we recommend water and a soft cloth.

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