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Computer hackers have been known to try to gain access to your e-mail accounts,
social media accounts, and bank accounts. Lately there has been a rise in attempts by
computer hackers to gain access to your airline miles accounts.  There have been
cases where people have had over 100,000 miles used from their account without
their knowledge. Imagine not knowing that people are flying around the world using
your saved up airline miles!  Airline mileage theft has been happening to people
around the world and losing airline miles is not all that is at risk when this happens.

The method that computer hackers are using to gain access to your airline miles is
actually the same method that hackers have been using for years now to gain access
to your other accounts. The most common method is a phishing attack. You will
receive an e-mail that is claiming to be from a reputable airline, hotel, or booking
service. This can come in the form of a e-mail or in some cases a live phone call.
Usually the victim told that they have won airline miles or some other stipulation
causing the victim to either e-mail or call the scammers.  The scammers are trying to
get login information into your airline mileage account and gain access to your
computer.  Once they have login information, that is all they need to not only take your
airline miles use them, but they can also use information from that account to try to
gain access to other vital accounts such as e-mail, social media, or banking accounts.  
They will usually try to have the victim download something either knowingly or
unknowingly their computer giving the scammer access to your computer.  When this
is done knowingly, it is usually done in the form of an attachment e-mail, various
phone, or the user is given a link to a malicious website that will download code to
your computer.  

We give the same advice about this scam as we do about all other scams on the
Internet.  Do not click on any advertisements online.  Do not open any e-mail
attachments, even if it's from someone you know, unless you know for sure they have
sent you that attachment.  Your friend's e-mail account could be infected and sending
out infected attachment to people on their buddy list.  Never click a link in an e-mail.  If
the website you are on is reputable or well-known, do not trust any downloads, links,
or ads.

If you think your computer may be infected by this or other scams or any other virus
and spyware issues, we can
remove the virus in the Phoenix AZ area.
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