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One question that I asked from customers of ours pretty frequently is, "what's the
best way to clean cookies on my computer?", or "Why is my Internet browser
loading so slow"?  Although there are many issues which can cause a slow
Internet browser, one thing related to both questions asked is cleaning up
temporary files, unneeded files, and Internet cookies from your computer.  
Windows does have a built-in feature clean up temporary files, but it can only
clean so much.  This feature is found in your Internet options.  There is
however, a software out there that is free for personal use that will clean up
temporary files from not only your Internet browser, but it will clean up files for
many other programs as well.  The program I am talking about is CCleaner from

CCleaner is not only free for personal use, but its light weight, fast, and Piriform
puts out frequent updates to the program.  CCleaner is very straightforward and
easy-to-use.  The default setting on CCleaner is set to "cleaner".  This setting is
really the only thing most customer will need to use.  The cleaner setting will
clean up all your temporary files, unused files, and cookies.  This will not only
keep your computer running faster, but it will clean up all the cookies that
websites put into your computer to track what you are doing online.  One thing
to note though, some cookies are put in your computer from banks and other
websites that have login forms.  Those cookies are put there to remember your
login information when you returned back to that website.  CCleaner will clean
those cookies out so each time you go back to that website, the website will not
remember your login information and you will have to reenter it.  You can go into
the options menu and add those websites to a list so that CCleaner will not
clean those cookies.   Another helpful option in the options menu is that you can
set CCleaner to run automatically on start up, this is a good feature.  If you do
not have see cleaner running automatically, I would recommend using it once a
day on your computer.  If you run into a questionable website that has a pop-up
or something that makes you think that your computer may have picked up a
virus, you can run see CCleaner before running your antivirus scanner to clean
things up.

CCleaner also has a registry cleaner.  Even though CCleaner will offer to back
up your registry before cleaning the registry, I do not recommend for customers
to use this feature.  If you do have a problem after cleaning the registry, many
times the computer will be rendered unbootable, making it hard to get back into
the computer to restore the registry that was cleaned.  I would however, like to
preface this by saying that in my years of usage with see CCleaner, I have never
once seen it remove something and cause damage to the computer.
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