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Microsoft security essentials
Are free antivirus clients going to protect your computer from a virus infection?
There are many free antivirus software products available, are any of them worth it?  
What are the main differences between paid antivirus software and free antivirus
Read more about free antivirus sofware
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CCleaner, the best temporary file and cookie cleaner!
If there is one piece of software that I use every day and can't live without, here it is!  
CCleaner from Piriform, the best temp file and cookie cleaner on the planet!
Read more about CCleaner temp file and cookie cleaner!
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Beware of fake tech support calls claiming to be from Microsoft, don't be a victim of the
Yet another common scam you should know about!  Fake calls from Microsoft trying to
install spyware on your computer, and bill you for unneeded software and problems.  
Don't be a victim.
Read more about fake Microsoft tech support calls
computer screen
Cleaning out the dust / General desktop and laptop computer cleaning.
Its Arizona, dust is everywhere, especially in your computer!  One of the top reasons
computers die, is heat issues, which are increased when your computer is full of dust.
Read more about cleaning dust from your computer
laptop battery
The short life of a laptop battery.
Laptop batteries can be a real pain!  They never last long, and they don't hold a charge
like they should.  We'll try to let you know what the makers of laptop batteries say to
keep your laptop battery running longer.
Read more about the short life of a laptop battery
Hackers will go after your airline miles too!!
Hackers will do anything in order to make money, now it appears, they are even after
you airline miles!!
Read more about hackers and airline miles
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Turn off that computer, it will last longer and save energy!
Should you leave your computer on, or turn it off?  The age old, and most popular
question that customers ask me on a daily basis.  We go over the issues of leaving a
computer on versus turning that computer off.
Read on about turning off that computer
Why I still like a desktop over a laptop computer if portability isn't needed.
Desktop or Laptop?  Which is better?  Which one will last longer?  We try to help you
decide if your next computer should be a laptop or a desktop.
Read more about desktop and laptop computers
desktop computer
file management
Tips on how to properly manage your computer files
If you aren't properly managing the files on your computer, you may be at risk for a
computer crash, or a data loss!  We try to help you learn proper file management,
especially proper file naming procedures.
Read more on managing your computer files
recovery partition
Recovery partition used to reinstall Windows on your computer
One of the most important things to take care of as soon as you buy that new
computer.  If you don't have recovery disks, or a recovery partition, your computer is
at risk.
Read more about recovery partitions
proper laptop usage
Proper laptop usage, ways to make your laptop last longer
We try to help you out with some simple tips to help make that laptop computer last
longer.  There are reasons that desktop computers outlast laptop computers.
Read more about proper laptop computer usage.
Which service pack version are you using currently on Windows?
Windows updates are very important, and the most important Windows updates are
service packs.  Which service park are you running, and how important is it to run the
newest service pack from Microsoft.
Read on about Windows service packs
Windows service pack
fbi moneypak virus fake warning
Fake FBI MoneyPak virus warning!
The most common virus today!  Rogue antivirus and other rogue security products are
the most popular types of viruses today, and this is one thats making the rounds.  The
FBI virus, a scary and invasive virus.
Read more about the FBI MoneyPak virus and its variants