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Norton and McAfee are the two most popular on the market, so
when a person writes a virus, they make sure to test it against
Norton or McAfee to make sure that their virus will still affect your
computer.  They do this because the hackers know that most users
have either a trial version that came with their computer, or they
have installed Norton or McAfee because it is the brands that they
know of.  Think of it as security through obscurity, this is the main
reason that Apple computers do not get many viruses.  The virus
writer thinks, "why write a virus for Apple computers when only 8%
of the world is using an Apple, when I can write a virus for a PC and
affect the other 92%"

We have tested and used Kaspersky Internet Security in shop and
with our customers since 2006.  We have not had one customer that
had Kaspersky Internet security installed on their computer come
back to us with a virus infection, not one!  On top of this, our
extensive testing in shop has shown Kaspersky Internet Security to
be the best choice for an antivirus solution.  Compudoc Computer
Repair is a Kaspersky green team member, and we can sell and
install Kaspersky Internet Security for you.  Call us today for pricing
for Kaspersky Internet Security.  
Check here for virus removal on
the Phoenix and Glendale area.  
kaspersky internet security
A large part of the business we do here at Compudoc Computer Repair is virus and spyware
removal.  Viruses and spyware are much more prevalent today and will continue to become
more of a problem.  Antivirus software is more important today than ever.  Unfortunately,
there are many antivirus software products out there on the market that do not provide
adequate protection.  We do not recommend the usage of any free antivirus software.  
Although free antivirus is better than no antivirus, most of the rogue security software
infections if we see nowadays are not stopped by any of the free antivirus solutions on the
market.  Unfortunately, many of the paid antivirus software programs on the market do not
work effectively either.  The two most popular antivirus clients on the market are Norton and
McAfee.  We do not recommend Norton or McAfee on any computer.  We see dozens of
computers every week for virus removal, most of them have paid Norton or McAfee on them.  
In either case, Norton or McAfee did very little to stop any of the virus infections.
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Internet Security licenses
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kaspersky internet security