Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade
Your hard drive is where all of the data, pictures, music, and other files, including Windows or another operating system is
stored.  Using a computer with an older hard drive puts your data at risk!  You may also want to replace your hard drive if
Windows is running a check disk (chkdsk) scan at startup before Windows boot up fully.  This scan is Windows way of
telling you there may be errors on your hard drive.  This can be a sign of a failing hard drive and with some hard drive
crashes, your
data could be lost forever!  Let us clone or move and transfer your data to a safe drive today!

We can Upgrade or replace your laptop hard drive.  If you have a desktop computer, we can upgrade or replace the hard
drive, or we can just add a new one to the one you have adding space without altering your current hard drive.
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