Tax time is coming, and hackers are ready.

compudoc computer repair Phoenix AZTax time is here again, and you may cringe at the thought of tax season, but hackers are looking to have you help pay their taxes!  According to the Kaspersky antivirus company, there is a 62% increase in hacking attempts during the tax season.  Hackers are trying to take advantage ot the opportunity for identity theft using your tax documents.

You can still do your taxes online, but there are steps you can take to be secure.  First off, every computer should have paid, updated antivirus software installed on the computer.  We still recommend Kaspersky Internet Security, and sell it as it what we have used both personally and professionally since 2006 without any viruses or issues.  There are other good antivirus products out there, but Kaspersky is the only one that we’ve tested and used extensively.

Another safe practice is to not save any tax documents on your computer, save them to a cd, or a usb drive so if your computer is compromised by a hacker, they will not be able to find your important information.

If you are going to file your taxes online, make sure that the computer you are using is up to date with windows updates, as well as an updated java, and adobe software.  Next, make sure your antivirus software is up to date, and run a full scan to make sure your computer is clean before you start filing your online taxes.  You should also research what company or website you are using to file your taxes, a quick Google search will often let you know if a site or company is safe or not.

The last point, and this is true for any emails in general, DO NOT open any email attachments unless you know for a fact that the person sending the email is sending you information.  Just because the sender is known to you, doesnt make an attachment safe, if their email account is infected, it will send infected attachments or web site links out to people on their friends list hoping to infect other people.  In general, I do not click on web links or attachments in emails.  If you are worried that your computer may have a virus, Compudoc Computer Repair Phoenix AZ can help!

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