Are you turning off your computer correctly?

compudoc computer repairI know this sounds like a silly question…Are you turning off your computer the right way?  Recently, I’ve noticed a few customers that when they are picking up their laptop here, we’ll have it on to show the work was completed.  It surprised me that when we would finish up, quite a few customers would not perform a proper shutdown to the computer.  This can cause hard drive corruption, software issues, registry errors, and even lost files!

Even though turning on your computer is done with the power button, it should NEVER be turned off using the power button.  You should always go into your start bar and choose “shut down” to properly close down your computer without causing problems.  When you power down a computer using the physical power button, windows has not had a chance to exit programs correctly and to save data for both your files and data needed for programs, and Windows, to run correctly.  Another issue we see is that sometimes your computer has downloaded some windows updates, and when it shuts down, it finishes up installing the updates.  After you tell the computer to shut down, it will go to a blue screen with a message stating “do not power off computer or unplug power during updates”.  This is very important to follow.  If you turn off the computer or its unplugged and runs out of battery power and shuts off during this update, it can really mess up the files on your computer and even make it so it won’t be able to boot into Windows any more!

My suggestion would be, always shut down the computer in the start bar, never turn off your computer during updates, or unplug the power cord on a laptop during updates.  Another tip, we see customers leave with the laptop still on and running on battery.  Be careful doing this, if the battery runs out, the laptop shuts down incorrectly and can do the same damage that is done when you power down using the physical power button.  Shut down your laptop when traveling whenever possible.  If you have any other questions, let us know at for computer repair in the Phoenix AZ area!

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