Windows 8 speed and improvements with a Windows 7 interface and start bar!

classic shell for windows 8If any of you have recently purchased a new computer, Windows 8 is now the standard on all computers.  While Windows 8 has many improvements over Windows 7, such as boot speed, shut down times, security features, and much more, Microsoft changed the user interface and many users are having a hard time finding features.  Now the desktop is not the default landing screen, and the start button is gone.  The new system uses corners and edges of the screen to bring up menus.  Many other features have moved, making Windows 8 a tough transition for some.

Although I would definitely recommend that you eventually learn the new interface, there is a free way to get the feel of Windows 7 back, with all the good that Windows 8 has to offer.  Its called Classic Shell.  Its free source software that will give you a start button back with all of the shortcuts to what you need, such as “my computer”, “control panel”, “power buttons” and more.  You can even choose a Windows XP feel, Windows classic feel, or the Vista/7 feel.  After installing the software, your computer will even boot to the desktop with the new start bar at boot up just like the old versions of windows.

I have tested this software with many customers so far, and the reviews are all good.  It does not disable the Windows 8 interface, so you can use functions of classic shell and Windows 8.  If you decide not to use it, just uninstall it.  You can download classic shell here.  If you have any computer questions, see us at our main site at!

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