In desktop computers, size does matter!

Compudoc Computer Repair If you’re in the market for a new desktop computer, size of the desktop is something you need to think about before making that next purchase.  Desktop computers, like laptop computers have started to come in smaller sizes or form factors.  The standard desk top or tower is still the traditional size and shape.  Nowadays, we are starting to see more slim and mid tower sizes available.  Most of the smaller desktops are marketed towards business use where size is a premium in a small office space.  If you really are press for size, then a smaller desktop may be right for you.  If you have the room to store a full-size tower, I would highly recommend that you buy a full-size tower over a small tower. Another desktop type we are starting to see more of are the all-in-one systems where everything is built into the monitor.  With an all-in-one system, I would only recommend purchasing one for the size restrictions, or for the touchscreen abilities.  There are drawbacks to small towers an all-in-one systems versus the standard size desktop tower.

The first problem that you run into with a small tower or an all-in-one desktop system is parts availability.  With the smaller systems, they often use specially sized power supplies, video cards, sound cards, and other hardware.  The problem with this is that it severely limits you when you go to upgrade a part or replace a part.  Now instead of going to the store and having 20 to 30 video cards to choose from, you are limited to one or two and many times stores won’t stock those versions and they have to be ordered.  A standard size tower will give you much more flexibility with future upgrades and repairs due to parts availability.  Another issue with the smaller desktops and all-in-one systems is that they are much harder to work on due to the fact that everything is in a small, cramped space.

The next problem is very similar to the main problem with laptop computers.  Laptop computers often fail due to overheating.  Overheating is common in laptops because everything is packed into a small space so cooling the laptop becomes much harder than with a desktop computer.  A full-size desktop computer has plenty of room for airflow and the parts are not so close to each other.

In the end, if you are pressed for space, or if you need touchscreen all-in-one capabilities, then a small tower or an all-in-one desktop system may be right for you.  If you have enough room for a full size desktop, that is the way to go.


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