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Beware Tagged.comFor the past few years, social networking websites have been all the rage. Sites like Facebook and MySpace have helped people find old friends and reconnect. With the popularity of these sites and other social networking sites, scammers and spammers have now taken notice and are starting to use social networking sites as a place to infect users and quickly spread the infection to all of their friends. Over the years we have seen many viruses on computers that got in by a user clicking on an ad or clicking on a link or attachment. 

About a month ago, my e-mail inbox started to get flooded with spam e-mails from a website called tagged.com.  In one day I received e-mails from about eight different people claiming to be friends from my past trying to reconnect. Right away I could tell this was spam, even on Facebook the most popular social networking site in the world, I wasn’t getting that many requests in a single day, so that was a major red flag. The next thing I noticed was that the names of the people claiming to know me weren’t even familiar, I don’t ever remember meeting any of these people.  After doing a little research, it turns out that tagged.com is a spammers and scammers Paradise. This site needs to be shut down, it is not a social networking site, that is an excuse to hide their attempts to steal your information and the information of all your friends. Avoid tagged.com at all costs.   The first major red flag with that they wanted your e-mail account and your password!!!!  NEVER give anyone your e-mail password.  It turns out they do this so that they can blast everyone on your friends list with tagged.com invites trying to get them to join in the spam and scam as well.  The next red flag was the fact that as soon as you were done logging into the site, you get blasted with tons of fake sweepstakes claims asking for all of your information. The worst part is that they lure you to the site the site the first place with an e-mail from someone claiming to have photos for you to check out, but once you log in to your account, there are no pictures, it was all a scam to get you into their site so they could steal your information!

If you have received e-mails from tagged.com mark them as spam and hopefully your spam filter will keep them out of your inbox. If you have used tagged.com as a social networking site, I would advise you to never use a website again and to change any passwords given to the website.  If you believe you have been scammed online and maybe possibly infected with a virus or spyware try us out for virus removal Phoenix Az or see our website, Compudoc Computer Repair for all of your computer repair needs.

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