Basic Tune up and Repair service
Is your computer sluggish, slow to boot up? Is your email slow to load?  Internet pages loading slow?  Getting error
messages or pop ups?  Your computer needs our tune up and optimization service!  Its even half off when combined
with our virus removal Phoenix service on the same computer!

We can show you how to keep your computer, desktop or laptop, running like it did when it was new, and sometimes
even better than new!  Our goal with this is to leave you confident that you can keep your computer fast, reliable and
repair free!  

We will clean up your hard drive, delete unused files, update your current files and programs, speed up your slow boot
up time, and check to see if your computer has all the program updates and Windows updates needed to keep you up
to speed.

This service is even needed on new computers!  Todays computers keep coming with more and more free and/or trial
software.  The computer companies allow 3rd party companies to put these programs on your new computer for a fee
which lowers the price of your computer.  Unfortunately, now your computer is running slower from all the software
starting up each time you boot up your system.  We can remove all of the unnecessary programs for you making sure
to leave any you will need.  This is also a great time for us to set up your anti virus software, as most computer come
with software that is only a 60 or 90 day trial.

If you have a virus on the computer you will need our virus removal Phoenix service.  If you combine the basic tune up
package with our virus removal service on the same computer and get both services for one low price! This service
goes hand in hand with any virus removal and spyware removal service.  Many of the updates provided in the tune up
service are security updates, and will help keep the computer secure going forward.

Many simple computer issues are solved in the tune up service, such as driver issues, registry problems, and many
other issues!
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This is the repair service that every computer
out there in Phoenix and Glendale Arizona
needs!!  Even if you think your computer is
virus and spyware free,  your computer gets
slower with time from lack of repair and
maintenance.  I will tune your computer for
optimum speed and performance.  You can
finally clean up that desktop full of shortcuts
you never use and remove those unused
programs taking up space on your hard drive!  
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