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Tips you may be missing to help navigate the virus and scam haven that is your
email inbox!

I will share with you some tips to help you read your emails without getting a virus!

How to transport laptops and desktops correctly without causing damage!!
Learn the right way to take your computer along without causing any damage!

Stop using programs to find drivers for you, they are spyware!
Driver software is often a scam, and at the very least, unneeded and slowing your computer down!

Unsafe spam phone calls and emails still doing the rounds
Do NOT trust anyone calling you telling you your computer is infected!  Read on to find out more about this common phone scam!

The truth about hacking, don't believe the media hype!!
Hacking is NOT what you think it is!  Almost every hack you hear about is really about some computer user with poor security
procedures, read on to see what you can do!

My thoughts on Windows 8....
Its absolute garbage, and Windows 10 is not much better, find out why I still use Windows 7!

Should I do the free upgrade to Windows 10, or should I wait?......
Too more free virus popups from Microsoft!

Microsoft's virus like attempts at forcing upgrades on thoughts on the
industry direction.
Thankfully the free upgrade time is gone, read on to see why I avoided the update!

Finally!! July 29th has come and gone, and now Microsoft's virus like Windows 10
upgrade is gone!!!
Finally!  I won't have to keep charging customers to roll back an update that broke their computer!  An update they never asked for!