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You got a virus pop up, now what?
What should you do once you think you might be infected with a computer virus.

Stop wasting money on compressed air cans to clean your electronics and computers!
The better way to clean that computer

Why do people create computer viruses?
This is a popular question from my customers, read on to see why they do it

Should you upgrade to Windows 8?
Is it time to upgrade to Windows 8?

Are you turning off your computer correctly?
This sounds like a silly question, but almost no one is doing this right!

Tax time is coming, and hackers are ready.
Hackers want your money!

Upgrade to a larger hard drive
Add more space for storage, get a bigger hard drive!

Recent "invoice" malware spam to avoid
Watch for "invoice" emails, many of them are viruses trying to infect your computer!

Search engine hijacks continue to wreak havok!
This is such a common form of malware, find out how to know if your search engine has been compromised!

My PC Backup is a malware scam!
The makers of MYPCBackup belong in jail, avoid this virus!

Some spyware isnt that sneaky, you're letting it in!  How to stop doing that!
Find out how to stop the majority of spyware before it infects your computer!