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Should I do the free upgrade to Windows 10, or should I wait?......
If you have Windows on your computer, then you may have noticed down in your system tray, by
the clock, that you may have a Windows icon there.   This is Microsoft offering versions of
Windows 10 for free.  Lately, I have been getting calls from customers wanting to know if they
should upgrade.

Windows 8 was a nightmare, I wouldn't wish that operating system on my worst enemy.  My
customers know how I feel on Windows  Many users of Windows 8 are wondering if they
should do the upgrade.  Even if I was using Windows 8, I would not do the upgrade, at least not

Every operating system is full of issues and problems when they first come out.  Windows 7 was
almost flawless when it came out, but Windows 8 still runs horribly after years of updates and
fixes.  You will want to wait for Microsoft to fix all of the issues that a new operating system will
have.  The other main issue is drivers.  For any piece of hardware to work with your computer,
you will most likely need a driver to let Windows 10 talk to and operate that new piece of
hardware.  When a new operating system like Windows 10 comes out, it takes awhile for all the
hardware and software vendors to make drivers for Windows 10.

I also worry because Microsoft never really admitted to the issues with Windows 8, so it makes
me wonder if those same problems will be in Windows 10, such as the rampant update issues,
restore issues, and other Windows 8 nightmare issues.  If Windows 10 is just Windows 8 with
Classic shell.....well....I don't want it, and neither do you.  Once I can test and use Windows 10
and I feel its safe to use, I'll update this post, but until then, stick with what you have........hopefully
its not Windows 8....