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My thoughts on Windows 8....
Microsoft could sell its Windows phone.  It failed miserably.  Taking the desktop and the start bar
away from users at start up was a bold move.  One that beta testers complained about, but the
complaints were ignored.  At first, this interface issue was bad, but it could be remedied by any
number of programs, like Classic Shell, that would give your Windows 8, a  Windows 7 or older
look.  You can then start on the desktop and you have the familiar start bar back.

It wasn't until I began to see Windows 8 computers more often in the shop that I noticed how
horrible the Operating System really is.  It is one of the least stable O.S.'s I've ever serviced.  
Just a few months back, a customer brings in two $1200 dell laptops with Windows 8.  Fresh in
the box still sealed.  I open both and do the setup.  Right away the computers both start doing
Windows updates.......check back 4 hours later, and both laptops are reverting updates due to
errors and have hung.  I restart both and one says the setup wasn't done, makes me create a
user, and then tells me that user name is taken???  A few months back, I had a brand new in box
Lenovo desktop with Windows 8.  Turn it on and right away, uninstall McAfee.  Restart computer
and it won't boot up.  Customer exchanges for another Lenovo, same thing, uninstalling McAfee,
and computer won't boot up after the restart.

I've seen so many Windows 8 computers in the shop that were corrupted by Windows updates,
its way too common on Windows 8.  I see so many in shop with corrupted file systems, yet no
viruses or other issues.  The recovery options fail a majority of the times, and most of the time
the recovery will ask for disks, even when the computer didn't come with disks, or a way to create
them.  The recovery partitions fail too often as well on Windows 8 computers.  I've seen the 8.1
upgrade fail on brand new updated systems.  Its really pathetic.  I love Windows, so much that I
choose this career to service it, but if Windows 10 is like 8, I'm retired and on to new work.

Windows 8 is bad, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.  It saddens me that Microsoft
would release such a hated product, and then ignore the problems on it and just crank out
Windows 10.  Do not buy Windows 8 computers!  I will say that some of the Windows 8 systems
run just fine and are great computers.  I actually am starting to think that the issue is that
Windows 8 doesn't work well with all hardware, making some computers decent with it and some
horrible.  If I were in the market right now, I'd get a refurbished Windows 7 system from Dell
online or Wal-Mart online.  I would not run out and get Windows 10 either when it comes out.  It
just looks like Windows 8 with classic shell pre-installed on it.  Microsoft never owned up to the
problems in stability in Windows 8, just the fact that people hated the interface.   This tells me
that the problems will most likely be there in 10, but I'll have to wait and see on that one.  Here's
hoping they get the business back on track.