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Unsafe spam phone calls and emails still doing the rounds
Lately, I have heard 2 common things from many customers.  One is that they were checking
emails right before they got hit by a bad virus and/or spyware infection.  The other is that they
received a phone call from Microsoft or some other computer company or antivirus company.  In
some cases, the customer is who called for support, but in each of the instances above, you
accidentally just put your computer and information at risk to a hacker or virus!

When it comes to email, just assume its all a virus!!!!  I don't mean that entirely, but some aspects
of email should no longer be trusted.  You can read any email, that is safe enough.  But from now
on, assume every single attachment and link to a website in an email is a virus.......NO MATTER
WHO SENT IT, EVEN YOUR WIFE OR BEST BUDDY!  If their email is compromised, and
many accounts are, then they will send out link and attachments to their friends to infect them.  
Your buddy isn't doing it, and usually doesn't know its happening.  If you see this, inform them
they may be hacked or infected.

As for the phone calls.  Beyond me calling a company can legally know if your
computer is infected beyond your service provider (i.e. cox, century link, etc) and they will usually
not know either.  If they call claiming to be Microsoft, or some other company stating your
computer is infected, hang up, its a scam.  Do NOT allow them access to your computer, just
hang up!  Also be cautious that if you doing a Google, or Bing, or Yahoo search for a company
to call, that your aren't clicking on the top PAID SPONSORED results at the top of the page.  
These are not the real companies in many cases, but spammers faking to be the real companies
in order to rob you!