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Recovery disks for Windows computers
Recovery disks are important to have for any laptop or desktop computer. It used to be that when you
purchased a laptop or desktop computer, that it would come with recovery disks. Recovery disks are
what's needed to restore your computer back to new condition. This means that you can use a recovery
disk to restore computer to work like it did when it was brand-new. The most important part to remember
though, is that when use recovery disks, your data and your software are not backed up, you will lose all
of your information!  This is why it is important to back up all your data before recovering your computer,
and to make sure that you have installed disks for any software that did not, the computer.

Unfortunately, nowadays, most computer manufacturers try to save the money creating a disc, instead
they want you to create the disk yourself. The other option with new computers is that instead of meaning
recovery disks, there will be a recovery partition on your hard drive that you can access we needed.
There are few problems of both of these scenarios. First off with computers that you have to create your
own recovery disk, it is imperative that you create this recovery disk as soon as possible when the
computer is new before any damage or viruses get onto the computer. This way now if something
happened so that computer, you can use a recovery disk to reinstall Windows on the computer. In the
other instance, the computer will the recovery partition. A recovery partition is nice because you don't
need to disk, but if your hard drive fails chances are the recovery partition will not be accessible to use to
restore Windows.

If your hard drive fails, or if you did not create recovery disks in your computer did not, recovery disks,
there is an option. You will need to contact the manufacturer of your computer to order recovery disks.
Most vendors who offer recovery disks for models made within the last five or six years, some vendors
will carry disks for all computers. Usually the cost is just for shipping, and is around 15 bucks.  If your
computer is in need of repair, or as having problems, and you do not feel confident enough to back up
your own data, restore Windows, then reinstall your software and move your data back, then Compudoc
Computer Repair can help you in the Phoenix or Glendale Arizona area.   See our post on recovery
partitions here.