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Why top selling antivirus, Norton and McAfee, are not worth your
customers about security, these are the two brands that everybody knows about. On top of that, most
new computers come with the trial version of either Norton or McAfee preinstalled on the computer. Most
of the computers that we see in our computer repair shop have either Norton or McAfee installed and of
the computers we get that are infected, have Norton or McAfee installed on them. The main issue here is
that neither of the antivirus programs are stopping viruses. It's even worse when you have a computer
that's barely functioning due to a virus infection with pop-ups all over the place, yet when you run a full
scan, you wait an hour and it either finds nothing, or read moves a few infected files but does not stop the

There is a reason why Norton and McAfee antivirus products do not work effectively anymore. The people
who write viruses nowadays have to keep in mind what everyone is using for antivirus security. These
virus writers know that a large majority computers are using either Norton or McAfee for security. Due to
this fact, the virus writers are testing their viruses against those antivirus products and then rewriting their
virus to go undetected by them. Both companies in response to this problem have added multiple layers of
"protection" to their products to try to make it more secure. Unfortunately, it is my opinion that this has not
made the products any more secure, but instead, now there product is bloated and has become a
resource hog, slowing down the performance of your computer. Rven worse, now we see more
computers in the shop having all sorts of problems not due to a virus, but due to Norton or McAfee
causing problems. For an example of this, both Norton and McAfee have not been able to uninstall
correctly for over a decade. We work on computers weekly that are having problems due to files and
registry points being left behind after an uninstall of either Norton or McAfee. Due to Norton and McAfee's
uninstall problems, they have created removal tools that you run after you've tried to uninstall the product.
To me this is an absolute joke, if both Norton and McAfee have known for over a decade of their products
do not uninstall correctly, why not fix the program so it uninstalled correctly. Instead they offer a removal
tool that no normal user would ever know about to fix the problem! Fix the software guys, putting out a
removal tool just shows how terrible of a product they are selling.

There are much better security products on the market, that will do a much better job in keeping your
computer clean, without all the bloatware to slow your computer down. We are currently using Kaspersky
Internet security for our security solution and it has not failed are shop once in over six years. On top of
that we have not had one customer ever get infected while using Kaspersky Internet security. No antivirus
is 100% secure against infections, but Kaspersky has been perfect for us so far.  It may not be the best
solution for your set up, but in most cases it is what we would recommend.