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Norton and McAfee removal, removal tool needed in some cases
computers will come with the trial version of either Norton or McAfee.  We actually do not recommend
either Norton or McAfee for your antivirus solution, and you can see our blog post about why we
recommend not to use Norton or Mcafee.  Besides the problems listed on our other blog post with these
two programs, another common problem we see is that very often when you uninstall Norton or McAfee, it
will not completely uninstall, causing problems ranging from no Internet access all the way to blue screens
or and unbootable computer.

To fix this issue, Norton and McAfee both have created separate removal tools.  If you uninstall Norton or
McAfee, and you have problems, or you have issues installing another antivirus software afterwards, then
odds are Norton or McAfee has left behind files and registry points causing the problem.  You will need to
go download their removal tool and run it after you uninstall the product to make sure all traces of the
software are removed.  I actually think this is quite silly, considering this problem has been around for over
a decade.  It seems to me that Norton or McAfee by now could have just corrected the problem and
made sure that there uninstaller truly uninstalls their software.  I can't count how many computers we've
had in the shop with problems, and the problem was not a virus or Windows itself, but was McAfee or
Norton causing issues.  To find a removal tool, just Google "mcafee removal tool" or "norton removal tool",
save the file to your desktop, and then run the program.  You should first try normal uninstall first before
using the removal tool.  In all fairness to Norton and McAfee, there are virus software removal tools for
most antivirus programs on the market, and we have had to use a removal tool for other products once or
twice in the last few years, but needing to use the Norton or McAfee removal tool is very common.

When it comes to antivirus software, we recommend and sell Kaspersky Internet security.  We have used
Kaspersky Internet security since 2006 and have sold to customers since 2006, and neither us or a
customer has been infected once while using it.  I would state that no antivirus software that 100%
secure, but so far Kaspersky has been for us and our customers.  If you would like to purchase
Kaspersky Internet security, or have any problems with a virus or computer repair, Compudoc Computer
Repair can help in the Phoenix and Glendale area.