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How to transport laptops and desktops correctly without causing
If you looked up the correct use of a laptop, you'd be pretty surprised.  They are NOT made to be mobile
at all!  Hard drives don't like heat or movement, both of which are major issues on laptops.  If you are
using a laptop, try not to move it at all while its on.  The hard drive is not designed for movement while in
use.  Of course you can do this with them, or every laptop would die in a matter of days being owned.  It
will lengthen the life of the laptop if you keep it cool, and don't move it while its on.  If you need to
transport your laptop, make sure its OFF, not in sleep or hibernate....OFF.  I  can't count how many times
customers bring me their laptop in sleep mode in their laptop bag!  The laptop will still overheat in sleep
mode if enclosed in a laptop bag.  Simply turn it off when not in use, and turn it off when moving it.  It will
last you much longer and have less computer repair issues!

Another major issue when I see customers transporting their laptops is that the power cord will still be
plugged in.  Always remove the power cord from the laptop when moving it.  If anything puts pressure on
that cord at the base of the laptop, it will break off the dc power jack from the motherboard.  This is a
costly repair, that can be avoided, unplug that laptop!

As for desktops, you really won't have to move it often.  My customers, however, do bring me their
desktop to work on.  If you have to move it, check on the back, where the cords plug in.  You will notice
that the majority of plugs will be on one side of the box, and this is the side with the motherboard.  You
want to lay down the desktop on its side so that the motherboard is on the bottom and not hanging in the
case.  If its hanging, you could damage it when moving it.

Beyond these issues, we are in Arizona, so be wary of heat as well.  Don't leave your computer in your
car all day, and if you have to, let it cool off before using it.  

Another tip, if you have a laptop, get a laptop fan cooling pad, it will really extend the life of your laptop by
keeping it cool!