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Laptop LCD screen replacement Phoenix AZ / Glendale AZ
Scratched, dinged, marked, dropped, cracked, we can fix it.  Vertical lines, horizontal lines, dim screen,
cracks and lines, we can fix it.  Compudoc Computer repair in Phoenix AZ and Glendale AZ is performing
laptop LCD screen replacement.  Our labor charge is $99 and new screens typically run around $75 to
used.$99.  We do have to order the screens so the service is around 5- 7

When possible, we only order our screens from vendors with "no dead pixel" guarantees.  The ISO
standard for laptop screens is that 0 to 5 stuck or dead pixels are allowed!  Whats a stuck pixel?  Well, its
a small square on your laptop screen, pin dot sized.  These pixels display colors to make up the picture on
the screen.  With a dead pixel, it wil be a different color than its supposed to be and stand out.  I've seen
screens with just one or two stuck or dead pixels, and it was terrible.  Why go through the cost and time for
a new screen to have this!!  This is also why our screen replacements run more around $99 than some of
the lower $70 screens.  The "no dead pixel" screens are checked and tested before sending them out and
we can send it back if there is an issue.

Call us today at 623-330-2765 or see us at our webpage for Laptop LCD screen replacement Phoenix AZ.  
We will test your screen first to make sure it really needs to be replaced.  Then we remove the screen to
get the part number from the back of the screen itself to make sure we get the right screen.  Many techs
will order screens by laptop model, this is not the way to go as one model can have several different
screens.  Don't forget that if you can;t afford the screen replacement right now, you can hook up an
external desktop monitor to the laptop to  use.  Many brands will have a key you need to hit to make the
screen active such as alt + f8 or something like that.  We can help you with this over the phone or by email
if you need help with this.

We offer this service by appointment only, and at drop off the customer brings the laptop, the power
charger, and a deposit for $100 for the part, the remaining is due at pickup.  Book your appointment today
with Compudoc Computer Repair!