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Keep your cool with a laptop cooling pad!
The lifespan of the laptop is much shorter than a desktop computer. The number one reason is
probably due to impacts that a laptop takes will be moved around. The number two reason is
overheating.  We see dozens of laptops in the shop with bad fans, or other overheating issues.  
If you own a laptop, you want to make sure to blow the fan out every month or so with a can of
compressed air.  Take care when blowing up the fan, to use short quick bursts of air, because if
you spend the fan too fast you can cause damage to the fan.

Many laptops will run hot even with the fans being clear of dust and debris.  If you want to extend
the life your laptop, and to make it more comfortable to use in your lap, I suggest you get a
laptop cooling pad.  A laptop cooling pad is a pad that sits underneath your laptop and plugs into
a USB port on your laptop.  The cooling pad will have a fan or number of fans that are used to
keep your laptop cool.  These laptop cooling fans are usually fairly inexpensive starting at around
$10 and up.

If your laptop is already full of dust and was not blown out regularly, you will want to take your
laptop into computer repair shop so that they can disassemble the laptop and clean out all of the
dust and debris from the fans and everywhere else inside of the laptop.  You can see our news
post on our website about cleaning your laptop and desktop computer.