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Kaspersky Internet Security
In doing our regular computer repair work, one problem we see more than any other computer repair
issue is virus and spyware infections.  We have even seen a rise in rootkit infections.  Rootkit infections
are especially difficult to remove for the novice user. In all of our testing with different antivirus solutions
since 2006, only one antivirus product has been good enough for us to use both in our shop, and to sell
and install for customers, its Kaspersky Internet security.  Kaspersky does have several different
versions, Kaspersky antivirus, Kaspersky Internet security, and Kaspersky pure. We recommend
Kaspersky Internet security if your computer has the system requirements to run.  The antivirus software
is lacking from the Internet security software by not having a firewall and other protective measures.  The
Since 2006, we have never had one customer that was using and activated Kaspersky Internet security
come to us with the virus infection!  That says a lot, we see computers with Norton, McAfee, and Trend
Micro security installed on them that are infected with all kinds of viruses.  The people who write viruses
will test them against the most popular antivirus products to make sure that their virus can still infect your
system. This is part of the reason I believe Kaspersky does so well.  It is well known with computer repair
technicians, but the average customer has not heard of it.

Compudoc Computer Repair in Phoenix Arizona both uses and sells Kaspersky Internet security.  If you
are worried about your computer security, we recommend that you install Kaspersky Internet security
immediately!  See our website for virus removal and Phoenix and Glendale Arizona, or for computer repair
issues in Phoenix and Glendale Arizona!