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A better way to clean the dust from your computer
One of the worst things for your computer is for it to build heat. One thing that contributes to your
computer running too hot is a build up of dust.  All computers have parts that create large
amounts of heat. Your computer processor itself off within seconds of being on that it would burn
you to touch it. To deal with the intensity of the computer processor, the processor has a heat
sink to pull heat away from the processor.  Most heat sinks have a fan attached to them to aid in
pulling the heat away from the processor.  On a laptop, you will usually just have one fan, with
desktop computers you will typically have one to four fans, and possibly more.  A desktop
computer we usually have a fan built into the power supply, a fan on the back of the case,
another fan on the processor, and sometimes the fan on the video card.  These extra fans make
desktops run much cooler than laptops.  The extra space inside of a desktop also helps them
keep cool, whereas a laptop this compact with not much empty space, causing heat to build up
quickly and easily.  You can see our post about laptop cooling pads to help extend the life of your

In the past the best way to keep dust from building up inside your computer is to purchase a can
of compressed air.  You can then use the compressed air to blow out the dust from all the fans,
parts, and other areas inside of your computer.  We are still using compressed air to clean the
dust out of computers we work on, but those cans of compressed air run out fast.  The canned
compressed air can also be bad for the environment.  We are now using an electronic duster.  
Click here to see the type of electronic duster we are using.  We purchased ours on eBay for
about $50.  These things are awesome, for one they don't run out of air since they are using an
electronic fan.  Another good part of electronic duster is that it comes in several attachments for
different uses, and has filter to clean the air that it uses.  These electronic masters also blow
much harder than the canned compressed air does.

When using any compressed air you will want to take caution when blowing out your fans.  You
should use a pen or something small to wedge the fan blades so that they do not spin.  Now blow
out the fan while holding the blades so they do not spend.  This is to keep the blades from
spinning too fast from the compressed air burning of the fan.

With laptop computers really all you can blow out is the keyboard and the fan exhaust port on the
bottom and back up the laptop.  Laptop computers really need to be taken apart and cleaned out
at least on a yearly basis.  We see a lot of laptop computers in the shop that have had failures
due to fans plugging, or fans dying.  If you need help cleaning your computer, we can help,
Compudoc Computer Repair.