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Finally!! July 29th has come and gone, and now Microsoft's virus like
Windows 10 upgrade is gone!!!
Hello everyone!  As you can see, I'm pretty excited!  The Microsoft virus is gone!!!  No more
popups trying to FORCE you to upgrade to Windows 10!  This was the straw that made me go
from Windows fan boy, to Windows hater.  Its bad enough that both Windows 8 and 10 are
absolute garbage, but it was even harder to avoid Windows 10 upgrades with the virus like
attempts Microsoft stooped to in order to inflate the poor sales numbers of Windows 10.  They
If you are still asking for advice on if you should upgrade, my answer is still NO!  Windows 7 will
be supported until 2020, so you have plenty of time left before you need to get rid of the last
good operating system Microsoft made.  If you have to buy a new computer, then by all means,
get a Windows 10 system, if the computer was made for Windows 10, it should work fine, but
too many upgrades failed or had issues.  I'm still seeing major stability issues with new Windows
8 and 10 computers as well.  If you are a gamer, Windows 10 won't even support graphics cards
with more than 4 gigs of ram!!!  Its totally obvious that Bill Gates and anyone who actually knew
computers is gone from Microsoft.

If you have GWX control panel to block Windows 10 upgrades, you can now safely uninstall it.