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Adblock plus browser addon
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Adblock plus is a great addon to your browser.  It is available for Internet Explorer,  Google Chrome, and Firefox.  
Its main function is to block ads.  This may not seem that important, but the majority of website ads are containing
viruses and spyware.  Unfortunately, it seems that most websites, even large ones like Facebook, don't care
enough for their users to research the ad they are selling space for.  They take the money, and display whatever
the advertiser wants to put up.  Its to the point, where almost no ad on any website is safe anymore.  Even when
doing Google, Yahoo, or Bing searches, the top few results are paid for.  Do not click on these, even these are
known to have viruses or spyware.  These website owners should be held responsible for any viruses or spyware
that their ads contain, but unfortunately, they aren't.

You will notice that some websites will notice you have adblocker on and will request you to turn it off.  It does have
a whitelist where you can add websites that you wish to display ads.  You can download
adblocker plus here.